People, Places, Products and Businesses...

It's a Digital Thing.


What We Do!

  • Long and short form online digital-video branded content

  • Broadcast TV commercials and web-based content creation

  • Corporate & Social Events

  • Social media & online marketing video ads 

  • Promotional/product video content

  • Business Testimonials and on-site interviews

  • Sports, Corporate and entertainment production with single or multiple cameras

  • Video production & assistance, marketing and distribution

  • Residential and commercial real estate video and photography



  • Location planning

  • Single and multi-camera field or studio packages

  • Aerials photography 

  • Lighting and grip packages

  • Studio rental and green screen package 

  • The 5 Stages Of Video Editing

  • Stage 1: Logging. The first thing we do is log your footage. ...

  • Stage 2: First Assembly. The first assembly is where we take all of that meticulously logged footage and arrange it into a timeline 

  • Stage 3: We then present you with rough cut. ...

  • Stage 4: Revision 1/2, Fine Cut. ...

  • Stage 5: Final Cut.